Holly Leaves Berries & Pine Cone Stems - Christmas Card Crafts and Wreath Making

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Holly Leaves Berries & Pine Cone Stems -For Christmas Card Crafts Wreath Making and other Decorations C1594: Red Berry and Green Leaf" classic colour scheme for any winter season. Its fantastic spray is perfect to add timeless elegance to any Christmas arrangement. Ideal for Christmas decoration Approx. 9 cm ( h ) 3 bunches as per image. F0005: There are 12 stems in a bunch. Each steam has two leaves and 3 red berries. Steam is 135mm tall , leaf is 35x20mm and berries are 4mm. F0014: 3 stems Overall height is 14cm. Leaf is approx. 8cm tall and 3cm wide. 3 red berries in one steam. HC0800 There are 12 berries in a bunch. Berries are approx. 20mm with green leaves. Overall height is approx.9CM. HC1714 1 Bunch Overall height is approx. 13cm with 4 red berry and two green leaves. Big berry size:18mm and small berry size:10mm HC0801 Artificial Frosted Red Pomegranate Pick -2 stems HC1267 Christmas Picks Artificial Red Berries Pine Cones -2 Stems The stem is approx. 190mm long. There are 25 berries on one stem.