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Napkin Glue: For decorating card board, paper Mache and wooden objects with paper napkins to give a hand-painted look. Foto Glue: Pinflair Foto Glue is the new addition to our range of glues & tools. Our Foto Glue is perfect for all types of craft applications. It is completely reposition able, dries quickly, surplus glue glue can be removed easily and is acid free. Tube is 50ML Stencil Glue: This easy-to-use glue from Pinflair, is a must if you love using stencils. Once applied to any stencil, the low-tack glue will keep it in place while you work - just peel away the stencil easily when you're done. Pinflair Glue Gel Tube: All purpose craft glue - Cardmaking, Decoupage, Scrapbooking and many other types of crafts It is ideal for Paper, Polystyrene, Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Mirrors, Wood and various metals. Pinflair Glue Gel is Completely Odourless, Silicon Free and Dries Crystal Clear. Tube is 80ml All Stick Glue: All Stick, all purpose craft glue can be used to stick paper, wood, cardboard, plastics and even polystyrene. It is ideal for matting and layering. To use:- Twist the top part of the lid to open the nozzle, apply the glue to the area you wish to stick, then allow it to slightly evaporate before pressing the materials you wish to stick firmly together. Wipe away any excess. Caution: Acetone based glue, could damage polished and lacquered surfaces. Book Binding Glue Bottle-DEE77: Glue-it Bookbinding Glue is a strong paper crafting glue that bonds paper and cardboard as well as other fibrous materials together quickly. Ideal for use with all of your die cut pieces, box construction and paper flower making projects. 82 ml per bottle. Book Binding Glue Tub: A fast drying glue suitable for cartonnage, quilling, greeting cards and any fibrous items. Tub Contains 120ml Snow It Glue-TDEE82: It is a finely grained white paste that gives a realistic 3D snow effect to any surface. Simple remove the lid, place the nozzle over the area you wish to decorate and squeeze the bottle. To add some texture pounce a palette knife over the still wet paste. For a sparkling finish sprinkle some iridescent glitter over it. Drying time depends on thickness of application, but allow at least an hour. As well as being used as a 3D snow effect, Snow-it can all be used through stencils to give a beautiful 3D relief.